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Wells Fargo online banking offers you the features you expect a high quality bank to offer. It is possible to keep up-to-date with loan payments, pay any bill, view bank accounts, all this with the convenience you expect from a bank such as Wells Fargo. There is no need to spend your lunch hour doing banking tasks. You will be able to find out what you need to know about your bank account and transactions from the comfort of your home, office or any other place where you can get Internet access.


Wells Fargo is a trend setter. In 1995, Wells Fargo was at the forefront of the online banking movement offering its services via Internet. By doing this they provided their customers with a glimpse into the future of the banking sector. But this bank does not stop there because today they offer mobile banking, which is access to their services via your phone, tablet and other mobile devices. Those who are not able to visit Wells Fargo´s local branches or need more hours in a day will find Wells Fargo online banking services of paramount importance to solve many problems they face every single day.

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Wells Fargo online banking services allow you to access all your savings and checking accounts online. You will also be able to see your mortgage accounts without having to go to the local branch and lose your time waiting to get the service. You can perform tasks such as viewing your monthly statements, research new products, and make transfers, at any time of the night or day.

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- Savings and checking accounts. Customers are able to pay bills, set up their direct deposits, order deposit slips and checks, transfer funds, open new accounts, get tax documents, and view their canceled checks and spending reports.
- Customers have access to a wide array of financial products such as home equity loans, mortgages, student loans, CDs, and investment vehicles.
- It is possible to do any task online that you can do in person at a local branch of Wells Fargo.
- View your account statement upon signing in, and you no longer need a hard copy mailed to you every month.
- It is possible to pay online bills such as credit card bills and others.
- You can invest in many markets using mutual funds, and its retirement functions are great options to secure the financial future of your family.
- You will be able to send money to any recipient with savings and checking accounts that are available in the U.S. using a service called Send & Receive Money.
- Access any information you need to know about returned items and deposits.
- Detect suspicious activity in your account by monitoring it.
- Monitor your transaction history of up to 18 months, and see a consolidated statement of each account quickly.
- Quickly and easily create a budget by using a feature called Money Map, where you can manage your money the easy way. This tool will track each one of your deposits, and categorizes your spending.
- Wells Fargo Mobile allows you to transfer funds, make bills payments and check your account balances from your mobile phone or tablet.
- You can use email alerts to track your account balances, check credit limits, and much more.
- It is possible to assign an account access that is view-only to key employees such as a bookkeeper, and this can be done for up to 25 employees.
- A service called Bill Pay will allow you to make payments for your banking services easily.

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- Banking at home, office or any other place.
- No after-work schedules or fighting traffic.
- Pressure-free shopping experience of financial products and instant information.
- Guarantee of 100% refund in case of unauthorized withdrawals.
- Top security tools such as individualized passwords, security questions, timed log-offs, system firewalls, and 128-bit encryption.
- No cost to enroll the program, but you will need to pay for some additional services.
- Increase of efficiency and cost reduction for individuals and businesses alike.
- Avoid balance fees by setting up account-based alerts for minimum balances.
- Minimize fraud on your account and businesses.
- Bank on your time not in the bank´s time using the Internet whenever you are.
- Set up automatic payments online quickly and easily.

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Wells Fargo online banking offers you a lot of benefits to avoid the hassle of going to the bank and waiting a lot to get the services you need among other things.