Chase Online Banking Account Logon

JP Morgan Chase have one of the comfortable online banking service in USA. A lot of functions, easy access and smart design makes money managing process pleasant and simple. Just logon in your Chase online banking account and then everything is quite simple.

Chase National Bank is now known as JP Morgan Chase after the acquisition of JP Morgan & Co. by Chase Manhattan in December 2000. This acquisition along with the acquisition of Bank One in 2004 has made JP Morgan Chase the largest bank in the US. JP Morgan Chase is the largest credit card issuer in the US with more than $2.3 trillion assets. The Bank runs its operations in more than 60 countries in the world through its 5100 branches.

 Features and Benefits of Online Banking at JP Morgan Chase

Online Banking is now offered in banks all over the world in order to provide their customers with more freedom to logon and manage their bank accounts. The technological advances in the field of IT have made this possible.

Chase Bank Online Banking Logon

Online banking is popular among all the account holders due to the ease of operation that it offers. The customers do not have the need to visit the bank to conduct their transactions saving a lot of time and energy. Through online banking, the entire transaction can be done at the click of a button speeding up the process.

Here are some of the Chase online banking services that are offered at JP Morgan Chase for its customers.

 Online Bill Pay

The online bill pay option offered at JP Morgan Chase allows the customer to pay his bills online, eliminating the necessity of writing cheques. All that the customer has to do is simply add the payee’s information in his account to transfer money to make his payment. If the customer has to make recurring payments, then he also has the opportunity to schedule his payments. This feature helps the customers at JP Morgan Chase to make their payments on time avoiding the levying of late fees or extra charges.

Benefits – Online Bill Pay is most useful for customers who have recurring payments like monthly rents, mortgage payments, credit card payments and car payments. Since the payments can be scheduled the customer can relax as he needn’t keep track of all the due dates for his payments every month.
Chase bank Bill Pay by Online Banking

 Account Alerts

A wide range of account alert services are offered by JP Morgan Chase to its customers. Bank accounts can be monitored through text alerts helping the customers to maintain their account balance and to keep a track of their transactions.

Benefits – Customers who make a lot of transactions need to keep a track of their account balance to avoid overdraft charges. The Account Alert service offered by JP Morgan Chase allows the customers to keep a track of their account via text messages. The customers can manage their finances easily with the help of these alerts and avoid cheques bounces and overdrafts.

Chase Bank Online Account Alert

Paperless Statements

Account statements were generally printed on paper and given to customers on demand. But nowadays all the corporate organizations are trying to reduce their carbon footprints and JP Morgan Chase has taken a step in the same direction by providing paperless statements to its customers.

Benefits – The bank account statements of the customers at JP Morgan Chase are now being provided through email instead of being printed on paper. This not only reduces the consumption of paper but also makes your account information secure as only the customer will have access to his account information. The chances for someone stealing your account statements to gain access to confidential data are also avoided as the account statements are directly sent to the customer’s email id.

 Mobile Banking

Nowadays due to the advances in technology we have people around us who are using smartphones and iPhones that work as efficiently as computers. To take advantage of this technology, JP Morgan Chase has offered two different Chase online banking services to its customers.

The customers can deposit money and make payments from their account through their mobile phone. All they need is to have an appropriate smartphone and download the Chase Mobile App to facilitate banking transactions through their phone.

Chase Bank Mobile Banking

 Quick Deposits

Chase QuickDeposit is a wonderful option that allows the bank’s customers to deposit money into their account without having to visit the branch. The customers can directly deposit money into their account by using the Chase Mobile App on their mobile phone. The customer just has to take a picture of the front and back of the endorsed cheque with their smart phone or iPad to deposit the money into their account using the Chase Mobile App.

Benefits – The QuickDeposit feature is a wonderful option for people who are busy and don’t have enough time to visit the bank to make deposits in their account.

 Quick Pay

Chase QuickPay is the easiest and fastest way through which money can be transferred from one account to another at JP Morgan Chase. The only requirement is that both the parties should have valid US bank accounts and one among them should have a Chase checking account. Money can be transferred easily between one account to another using the email address or mobile number of the recipient.

Quick Pay - Chase Bank Service

Benefits – The QuickPay option allows the customer to transfer money to another account instantly by simply using their mobile phone.