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Nowadays online banking is a most convenient ways to pay or transfer money, load your balance and etc. Online banking is easiest way to check your balance or just view your account activity. Also you can control you payment history. You can use this banking service from every corner of the world; you just need to be connected on World Wide Web with your tablet, laptop, PC, Smartphone or android.

Bank of America offers for customers, easiest, safest and powerful online banking service. So you can easily connect to your accounts wherever you are. Secure access is guaranteed.

Functions of BOA Online Banking

By this useful service from BOA you are able and pay bills or make money transfers from your home, office, you just need to be connected. Sign in with you BOA card, for example with Bank of America EDD card is easy and then you can control your account(s). You can also transfer money between your accounts, send money to your friends or family members, it’s don’t matter if they are using other online banking services. By the online banking service offered from BOA you are able to control your payments, you just need to manage your bills schedule and all your bills will be paid securely and on time. So by the schedule system you can organize all your payments, so you are able to make money transfer now or schedule it for later and the system will automatically make your transaction. We have to note that you can schedule transfers weekly, biweekly, monthly or manage schedule yourself.

Bank of America Online Banking Functions

If you need to make quick payment Bank of Americas online banking service is the best way for you. Just sing in to online banking system, choose the Transfer tab and transfer money to any user of online banking. You can also move your money from your account to your credit card. Online banking service allows you to transfer money to any financial institution. You only need to note their mobile number or email address.

With online banking from Bank of America it’s very easy to check your Balance, savings, information about credit card and etc. You can simply control recent transactions; this function also includes checking and tracking your ATM visits. You can track debit card purchases and your direct deposits. You can simply control all your activity up to 18 months of your statements online.

My Portfolio – Financial Tool

Nowadays everyone agrees that with online banking life is simple.

BOA’s online banking includes useful and free financial planning tool called My Portfolio. This useful tool will help you to plan all your expanses. My Portfolio will help you to know how much you are spending to your bills, in groceries or while you are on shopping. This tool is free gift from Bank of America and you are able to use My Portfolio for all your accounts. This tool also will help you to control activity. With My Portfolio it’s very easy to see where your money is going.

Bank of America Online Banking My Portfolio Financial Tools

Online Mobile Banking

Nowadays life is much more mobile than ever. So Bank of America provides most convenient way for online banking. This is mobile banking. BOA mobile banking is a safest mobile banking system you’ve ever seen. You can connect to your device with any kind of modern mobile device. When you log in system will send you security Site key and Safe Pass, BOA is using the same way for online banking too. So your safety is guaranteed and your accounts are fully protected from unwanted access.

Bank of America Online Mobile Banking

We have to note that if are going to use Mobile Banking from BOA you need to download mobile app for online banking. Mobile banking includes all features from online banking service; also you are able to have access Merrill Edge investment accounts too.

Bank of America is focused on to keep any kind of financial information secured and confidential. All your accounts, even online banking accounts is secured and all your information is confidential.

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