Bank of America EDD Debit Card – Sign In & Activation

Employment Development Department (EDD) of America has launched a new electronic fund transfer system, EDD debit card. The debit card is brought and maintained by Bank of America. The reloadable debit card is designed to make specific beneficiary transactions easier for the eligible claimants in the US. This was first introduced in California and later different states started distributing these debit cards to the eligible claimants as well.

 An Overview of Bank of America EDD Debit Card

The debit card is powered by Visa, the largest electronic payment technology provider. EDD debit card is directly connected to different national beneficiary programs and accounts. An eligible applicant can get his unemployment benefits, paid family leave and disability benefits deposited directly into the card account.

A claimant can apply for his card and Bank of America will review the application and send the card by mail. Once the successful applicant has received his card, he should activate the card online (or by contacting customer service). Once the card is active, the card owner can use his card instantly. He can pay by the card wherever Visa is accepted.

The card can serve you as a standalone payment solution and help you resolve all daily transaction issues. This is going to be very popular because the funds are accessible 24/7 and you don’t need to do bank transactions anymore. All the information and documents are available online; or you can contact directly to a customer relation officer.

Bank of America EDD Debit Card

Features and Benefits

The debit card is actually a prepaid Visa card that can be reloaded whenever necessary. Card owner’s name is printed on the card and it will require authorization before each transaction to be made. It cannot be used unless the owner has received and activated the card. It’s a very efficient, secure and convenient payroll solution for an eligible beneficiary.

Bank of America ATM

The card can be used in almost any ATM terminals around the world. All the terminals accept Visa powered bank cards. So you can withdraw cash from your card account any time you want. At the same time, an EDD debit cardholder can use his card in millions of Point of Sales (POS) terminals for making payments and processing commercial transactions.

These funds were used to be processed by banks and a claimant could only receive the funds using checkbooks. Now, you don’t need a single piece of paper; having your card in your moneybag will help you get cash wherever and whenever you need. This financial freedom was never possible without this latest technology.

Now, you don’t need to have a bank account to receive those funds. Bank of America will help you access and maintain a card account. You will be able to check balance and transfer funds online. At the same time, you won’t need to pay the maintenance fees associated with a bank account and associated services.

Bank of America Name Board

The debit card also comes with the direct deposit transfer feature. This feature enables a user to transfer his funds wherever he wants. He can simply log into his card account and submit a transfer request. The transaction speed is really fast and the card connects with the national payment gateway to transfer the money almost immediately.

The government of US implemented the system in 2011. They have started sending the debit cards to the applicants. Simultaneously, they’re closing down the checkbooks and bank accounts against these eligible beneficiaries. The transactions made over these electronic payment networks are safer and more convenient for a regular user.

Applying and Activating Your EDD Debit Card: a Complete Guide

You don’t have to send a separate application for the debit card. If you’re eligible and have claimed the benefits, Employment Development Department will automatically assign a debit card for you and send that card to your postal address.
Once you have received the debit card, you will have to enter the card details online and activate it. By activating the card, you’ll be able to access your Bank of America card account online. The process can also be done over the phone. You can communicate with a customer relation officer and get your card activated in minutes.

After you’ve activated the Visa debit card, you can check the balance online or from an ATM booth. You will be able to withdraw cash immediately after you’ve activated the card. EDD debit card expires after 3 years of issue. You have to communicate with the customer service department to inform them about your card that’s going to be expired soon and request for a replacement.

Bank of America EDD debit card description

Warning: be careful about unauthorized transactions and card-security.

Though card transactions are safer than any other method available today, it still associates different forms of fraudulence and forgery. Be careful about inserting your card details on a website and ensure utmost safety. If your browser or system is warning about a website, stay away from making payments in that site. Don’t share the PIN or CVV numbers with anyone. Keep these details safe and contact with the customer service department whenever necessary. You should report immediately if the card is stolen or theft.

Fees: Charges Associated with a Bank of America EDD Debit Card

This EDD debit card is one of the most cost-effective Visa powered electronic cards ever. You don’t have to pay anything for using a domestic POS terminal across the US. You can make unlimited enquiries at ATM terminals without being charged a penny. You can get cash from a domestic Bank of America ATM terminal free of cost. You will get domestic card replacement service for free of cost too! The card comes with a welcome pack that contains detailed information about the associated fees and other costs. If you are careful about using the card, you’ll be able to keep the expenses really low and convenient.

No Fee Bank of America

Beneficiary funding was never been so easy in USA before EDD debit cards were introduced. The electronic transaction system ensures utmost safety and maximum accessibility for a user. Bank of America is always known for their outstanding banking services. This new BOA venture is going to be another revolutionary step towards a world of electronic financial transactions.

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